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Tired of your dull everyday life and endless routine? Have you become nothing more than a couch potato? Do you want something new, unknown and exciting?  Well, we've got just the thing for you.


Travel to the wild jungle in search of real adventure! There you will face danger, explore ancient ruins, and discover places never before seen.


And, of course, you will certainly come across some very interesting people along the way. Individuals who are more than ready to...assist you on this difficult voyage!


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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(71 total ratings)
AuthorGabriel Homme
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
Tags3D, Adult, Erotic, Gay, LGBT, Male protagonist
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LinksPatreon, Twitter, Instagram


com.sons.jungle-release.apk 304 MB
SONSOFJUNGLE_03b_mac.zip 618 MB
SONSOFJUNGLE_03b_pc.zip 653 MB

Install instructions

Extract and run application.

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Merry Christmas!

hi, on episode 3B, I've been in andy's shop, and just spent 5 mins clicking everything. I've picked up the water tank. rope and dry rag. But after that, the game isn't progressing. Any help? (also love the game)


choose vintage video camera...

thank you <3

I really love this game, one of my favorites.

Do you have a shedule for the next Android Update

The Android version will no longer be free. Only on Patreon.

When are we going to be able to see some content of the twins?

In the first episode indicated when our MС gets to the island.

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Only for Patrons.

3rd episode for Android/PC/Mac.
QR bonus update. VR compatible 360° panoramic image 8K, can check in browser.
2nd episode images updated.
New SSL certificate, download or open links via any browser.

Starting next month, 360° panoramic images and animations will be available for Priest tier and up. Now we are working with a programmer to create a website, galleries and content, monthly updates.
Only on Patreon.


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I had my eye on this game for a while, and now that there's an Android version I can finally enjoy it! Thanks for making it available, playing it now 🎉


will there be an Android version?



Android version arrive!


So excited for the android version! This looks so good

Android version arrive!

Hoping that there will be also for Android :>


Android version arrive!


will the full game come to itch.io>?

Second episode soon.


Happy New Year!!!


Will there ever be an Android version?


Maybe soon...

Oh please that would be amazing

Android version done, soon will be here.


Android version arrive!

Love the VN. The art is beautiful and the story is hot! Can't wait for more.  I am missing the bottom middle picture in the gallery and have been through the game again and again. What scene did l miss please and how do get it. Thanks and keep up the great work!

It secret image, can find in first - "interact with things". Second episode available on Patreon.

Will you provide a walkthough at some point? Even if it's only for Patreons?

Everything is for Patrons. I will not post the android version here anymore. 

So much was asked.... I spent a lot of time for adapting, completely recompiling the game, and paid extra for programmer... 

And as a result, several hundred played the android version first day and none of them came to the Patreon. Only Pc and Mac users.

That's not nice of them. Your game is very well made! You deserve Patreons. I'm hoping to get some extra funds in March and will join then if so. *fingers crossed*

Because your support I can create better game, more animations, large locations and bigger episodes etc...


I love Twincest so I'm excited.


I have about 30 people ready to sponsor this but it needs android first because that's what we all use

Android version done, soon will be here.

Android version arrive!

Please make it for android

Sorry, I can't do it now. :(

😭😭i really want to play this but i don't have any PC😭

Android version done, soon will be here.

Android version arrive!

Will you guys be making a Android version oh please this looks amazing

Android version done, soon will be here.

yes I can't wait man that's awesome

how soon I am looking so forward to this dude

Android version arrive!


beautiful attention to detail and the initial history seems to intrigue.. very realistic even the character by the way(beyond the physical also conceptually).. except maybe there are too many beautiful guys.. but that’s fine... I’m waiting for another episode to give you the vote.. because unfortunately here above on this platform few people vote :P